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Título: Doubts and Questions - Inexinferis ®evolution
Publicado por: admin en agosto 30, 2014, 03:34:33 pm
In this thread you can raise doubts and questions, they will be added to this message to create a FAQ.

a question, the wall works 100%? in the public did not work 100%

I think it was said about 100 times that there will be no more walls that work at 100%, but, speaking in percentages, common walls lying around not reach 25%, while the private is 60% (using the "espbox").

I had the previous version of the rev and the wall was seen more? what can be?

New versions of the SXE added "antisound", so the visibility of wall is decreased further (from 75% to 60% approximately), however, with "soundesp in 2", the players are quite a distance but you can't know of what team is...

why when I got flashed I can not see other players? is a bug?

not, as in the previous case, is other protection added in the SXE that makes when a player throws a flash grenade the players are removed (like antiwall but referring to the flash)

since sxe works in windows 7 64 bit, this hack works with 64-bit?

Yes, the cheat works on windows 7 64 bits, for Windows 8 and 10 you need to apply a system patch...

To use it on Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 64 bits you need to do is this: open the iApp, in the menu will appear an option "Tools" where you will find a "PatchGuard" Option (This menu only will appear if your system si compatible), then clicking will show a dialogue where you need to click "patch", if the patch could apply correctly it will ask you to restart the PC, when you restart, in the boot menu will appear a choice with the text [iApp] you need to select that option to boot (only when you want to use the cheat), then you could use it normally as in 32 bits.

One question, I buy the cheat .. and then change my pc, I can use the cheat on the other pc or only work on the first pc ..

As it says in the post to buy, the cheat is protected by hardware, once activated on a PC, only work on that PC.

if I buy the cheat, and the SXE updates within my license and the cheat not work, the update is automatic?

Depends, I can not stay 24 hours waiting for SXE updates... in certain situations it may take a few days ... (that will be added to your licenses)

if I install the cheat on my pc and then I have to format, installing back it will work?

The protection is for hardware, while not changing your hard drive, your motherboard or something physical from your PC, there is no problem, you can format each time you want and even change OS without problems ...

I want to know how are seen screenshots

screenshots come out clean.

can you spend your msn I want to ask you some questions about the cheat?

there are no pre-sales support, only post-sales, to post questions you have this forum.

I bought the cheat and it works well but I can not get always hit in the head, there is a config to do it?

there is no magic config that hit always (much depends on the speed of internet connection, ping, etc.). the default config it's made for a ping of 60 (the ping I have), then you need to configure your cheat options "aimpred, etc" (see post to explain) ... beyond that, there is no aimbot that hit "always" in the head (I think in the forum was explained why).

is sure you can update the cheat in case of being detected?

So far I've always been able to, but, when you buy this kind of program there are always risks ... so if you do not want to take any risk, do not buy it.
(in the worst case I will look if I can spend another cheat for you... but, as is clear in the post, NO REFUNDS ARE POSSIBLE)

I bought the cheat, how I use it?

Open the iApp, go to the IR Cheat tab and click "Play", open SXE, Octinium, etc ... (or not if you don't want to play on servers with SXE / Octinium), open CS ... once in the CS, in the console will appear keys to access the menu and options (to know what each menu item is, follow the post: Inexinferis ® evolution - Settings (

Hi, I have the rev but do not know how to take off my local ban

you have to restart SXE and CS...

I bought the cheat and it gave to me but I have a problem, What I do?

Send me a private message with an explanation of your problem and the times when you connect to coordinate (DON'T LEAVE ME PRIVATE MESSAGES OR POST IN THE FORUM ONLY TELLING "I HAVE PROBLEMS" BECAUSE I'M NOT CLAIRVOYANT).

I took the PC to a technician and now it refuse the license!

If the technician told you that there was a damage device and hem had to change it is very probably that hwid is not equal anymore (for which the license is invalid [since unfortunately there is no real way to prove it]), now if the technically not say anything and the cheat rejected your license is because the technical changed something in the hw, so the problem would be with that person.

is this cheat EAC compatible? (Easy Anti Cheat)

no, it's not.

Hi, aimbot does not work, other features are working but aimbot not.

Has you can see in the post cheat options ( some servers has protections that not send some data to the client, because that there are this two options:

alivemethod: when only aimbot doesn't work.
validentmode: when esp's are not working also.

to change this options you can go to cheat console and put for example: "alivemethod 1"


PS: WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS I NOT CONNECT! so that the support (shipping, etc..) only in weekdays!

PS2: THERE ARE NO CHANGES! If you buy Revolution you can not change it for sXeMu, look what you buy!

PS3: For a updated list of doubt's and questions please read: Dudas y Consultas - Inexinferis ®evolution ( (You can translate it using Google Translate)